X1 Massage Chair



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Function: Local Hyperthermia Airbag Velocity Adjustment Roller Speed

Movement Type: 3D Robot Massage

Color Classification: Black Blue

Fabric material: leather

Control code: wired remote control

Massage technique: kneading finger pressure massage sniper tapping stretching

Airbag number: 61 (including) – 80 (including)

Rail type: X1 type rail

Applicable parts: arm neck back waist hip legs

Additional functions: built-in speaker Bluetooth

Luxurious Full-Body Massage Chair

Featuring the uniquely designed X1 frame with 4 rollers along with a complete air massage system that effectively massages your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips.

X1 Virtual Hand Massage System

The X1 system is designed to massage the neck and back, helping to decompress the vertebrate in your spine and improve the effects of every massage.

Body Detection System

After turning on the power the chair, it automatically measures the length of your body and adjusts the routes of the massage rollers, providing a completely custom experience for each user.

Upgraded Air-Bag Massage Technology

The uniquely designed air bag massage system was designed to cover the most surface area with a minimal number of air bags. This results in increased massage quality and reduced noise. Air bags are also programmed to inflate separately to give muscles a light stretch as they are massaged.

Beautifully Designed

The lighting strips on either side of the chair make it stand out from the rest of the pieces in your room and provide a soothing, peaceful ambiance when used at night or in a dark room.

Ships in a Single Box

This model comes pre-assembled and arrives in a single box, so you don’t have to deal with multiple shipments or assembly headaches.


– FDA Approved

– Chair measures 31.7” wide x 50.5” tall x 63.5” long

– Suitable for users up to 6’3” in height and up to 400lbs

– Rated Voltage:110-120 V

– Rated Frequency: 50 HZ-60 HZ

– Rated Power Consumption: 160 W